DJ Registration Policy

Please read first our Dj Registration Policy

We currently looking for talented DJs who are interested to play on BelfastVibes Radio.

BelfastVibes gives a chance to showcase local DJs by giving them their own weekly show on the radio station.


– If you’re interested and if you would like to apply for your own Weekly Radio Slot, you will need to provide a pre-recorded weekly show.
– Shows can be 1-hour or 1.5-hours long (*Depends on availability)
Very IMPORTANT! : The weekly shows need to be uploaded to BelfastVibes drive every week minimum 48h (2days) before your show.
Your weekly or monthly or any show cannot be played or uploaded anywhere else before played in your BelfastVibes radio slot. We can’t accept used sets, mixes for a radio show.
If you miss three shows in a row, then you will be automatically removed from our promotion list and you will need to apply for your radio slot again. We have the right to decline any future slots after you have been removed.
– If your account is then approved You will have your own shared folder where you can upload your weekly show.
Upload format only in mp3 format. (We strongly recommend a that you have a GMAIL “google mail” for the best BelfastVibes Google Drive experience)
– We will need to order an Official BelfastVibes DJ Jingle to your shows. (This will be only for approved DJ’s)
“Without Jingles, we are not able to play your set/show in the radio. Except Guest shows”
(we will contact you about this all information and order procedures after you approved)


Please NOTE!
This registration is NOT GUARANTEED to Reserve Your Radio Show / Session Slot or Page-Registration!
After you have provided details on the Pre-Registration form, We will then have a look at your reference mixes
(Soundcloud / Mixcloud ) and we will make a decision to accept or decline your application.
This can take up to 7 days.
Note! Your reference mix can’t be older than 30 days.
BelfastVibes have the right to accept or decline any registration/applicants without any explanations.
If you can’t provide a weekly show, then you are still able to request a guest mix slot.
(1x time only – Radio Slot) All guest mix required new / each request via Facebook message!
! Guest mix Radio Session requests ONLY via our Official Facebook Page message.
! Guest mix Radio Session requests are NO Registration Required!
Send your message here:
Please ACCEPT that You NEVER CAN REQUEST any income after your shows.
Your Shows will be uploaded to our Official Mixcloud and We always keep the rights to keep your show on our account and use for our any other promotions.
BelfastVibes have the rights to share your shows what we presented on BelfastVibes radio.
BelfastVibes have the rights to change or move or delete your radio slot. (always with provided reason)


Our Benefits:
– Free Official BelfastVibes T-shirt and other accessories. (After 20x Show)
– Professional Flyers which you can share on your social media. (BelfastVibes Edited flyers are Copyrighted and can’t be modified)
– Chance to play on BelfastVibes and other presented gigs.
– Official reference Letter from BelfastVibes if you apply for any DJ job. (After 50x Show)
– Unlimited and Immediate Access to our special folder on our private drive to make sure we keep you motivated. (DJ / Producer Stuff)
– Valued Prizes to best Voted DJ’s. (Every 6 months)
– Access to our Facebook Group messenger “A Lot of FUN” (immediate access after approval)


Once again.
From all the BelfastVibes Radio crew Thank you for your support.

Frey Gabor (CEO – Owner)
Sean Celesta (Radio Operations Manager)