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Sean Mc Fadden aka DJ Sean Celesta


At the young age of 14 Sean Celesta had an insane passion for the trance scene accross his home town of Belfast . Having this passion Sean
had a goal set of becoming a DJ from that very young age starting of his journey of with his very first set of viny turntables .

Moving through the years of the DJ scene sean had become ever more passionate about DJ-ing and began his journey of exciting opportunities of playing at clubs accross
Belfast and was overwhelmed to have the chance to play alongside local legends including Chris Davis and Orla Feeney at a young age.

Grasping this excitment and thriving to succeed Sean has been on a magical journey of playing at numerous clubs accross his home city
of Belfast and accross Northern Ireland and even though he started of with the preffered genre of trance he has now became a very skilled multi
genre versatile DJ.

Going forward Sean has now become Operations manager of Northern Irelands NO.1 Online radio station BelfastVibes Radio with an astonishing group of over 30 djs covering a variety of music genres 7 days a week 365 days a year and continues to thrive of his passion for music also hosting his very own show ( TRANCE-IGNITION )
every friday on Belfast Vibes Radio.

When Sean Celesta sets foot in any DJ Booth in any club his passion for DJ-ing and music is expressed through his love and excitment of DJ-ing and is noticed by all.

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Preferred genre Trance though Versatile including House & Techno

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When you start your Dj carrier? At the age of 14

Main Residency: BelfastVibes Radio

Radio Residency: BelfastVibes Radio


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